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Let's get started 2017-18!!

October 1, 2017

It is time for me to change, to improve and to explore another set of standard and international teaching methodology! This year I am working in Hong Kong International School and I am going to learn a lot! One thing that is really highlighted in the American Visual Art teaching standard is the concept of “Teaching For Artistic Behaviour (TAB)”. For starters, each level was given a “warm up” topic for which students worked on their sketch book cover, the aim was to allow students to understand the setting of the Visual Art Room, artistic behaviour as a young artist, and prepare for the coming up exciting art projects!!!

Grade 3

To start with Students worked as a team to complete the “Dots and Circles” painting. First of all they painted a dot on their sketchbook and then they rotated with their other teammates' painting and drew circles around their dots. Every time when they rotated they sang aloud “The dot is me and the circle is we!”. Students enjoyed it a lot and they noticed that the important of collaboration and how to care for the community. Other than that it was to build their art room learning behaviours!

Grade 4
Students began their art journey through studying the map of where our school campus is located. They studied the line and shapes that can be found on the map and mapped out an artistic representation of our location. We also emphasised building our muscle memory by using fingers as an indicator to outline the draft of the artwork before we jumped into tempera paint.

Grade 5

Self-identity was the main learning objective for the fifth graders. Students studied the abstract representation of Picasso’s Portraits and tried to create an abstract form of their faces. With the aid of the “Roll a Picasso” game, students easily picked up the topic and explored the possibilities of abstract painting.




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