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The Mondrian’s Architecture

April 1, 2017

Students had a lot to learn in this unit! Cutting skill, space relationship, composition of lines and colours, colouring skill and learning how to transform realistic images to an abstract representation! The lesson began with understanding how Piet Mondrian transformed the street of New York City to an abstract painting. After that, each of them picked their favourite famous building from around the world and had to observe and identify the characteristic of their choice.

After that they will use markers to draw vertical and horizontal straight lines to from different sized squares and rectangles based on the images of their chosen building. Students focused on the structure of the building and tried to represent it's character by simple lines and shapes. To finish the draft, they applied red, blue, yellow, white, and black on it in a balanced composition.

The second step was constructing the outline of the building with long and short wooden sticks. Students got a chance to measure the proportion of the building directly using the wooden sticks and to decide which size they would like to work on. Next, students constructed the inner space by reviewing their draft and made adjustments based on the space relationship among the shapes. After they defined the composition of their model, they applied a layer of black acrylic paint on it. Throughout the construction process, students experienced the importance of problem solving and decision making in art making.

On the last lesson, Students added coloured platforms to the main structure of their model. They created a variation for their artwork by using different sizes and colours of the wooden sticks to compose the structure; they created a balanced composition by avoiding the same colour platform to be situated next to each other.






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