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I believe art is not what I see, but what I can make others see.

Torso Exhibition

Droppin' Art exhibition is an one night show co-organised by Augustine Tse, Drop HK and Oosh HK. It features Hong Kong based Artists and it helps to promote human rights.

Augustine Tse, Wong Wai, Yu Chun Kit, Lokkwan Tse, Scotty So,
Wy Lee, Joseph Koon, Shawn Griffin, SzeMing Lee, Jesse Liu, Yip Wai


Coordinator & Curator
Tse Wing Hin Augustine 
Gert Jan Mattens

January 2015

Torsosexual Exhibition

We all appear with a human identity, and we coexist in this secular based on our physical shelves. Although there are gender variations, our human identities will never be changed. The difference between you and me leads to a contrast of personal experiences and comprehension on issues. But we cannot articulately define a consistent judgment on right or wrong.


From such point of philosophical thinking, I extend this concern to the “invisible byproducts” generated by the sexual perceptions of the public. With reference to the level of publicity and acceptability after audiences’ perceptual experiences on the artworks (no matter for themes, mediums and messages), a reconsideration can thus be made on your own gender standard; as well as how you, as a human being, define how you position yourself within the difference among you, me, the others and the labelled parties.

Koon Tak Kwan, Joseph, Liu Chung Hoi, Jesse, Tse Lok Kwan, Tse Wing Hin Augustine 

Coordinator & Curator
Tse Wing Hin Augustine 

December 2015