©2018 by Augustine W H Tse

To draw a line is to let go of the fear of making a mistake, it is to learn.

My artistic endeavours have taken me throughout the world and allowed me to share and teach the inspiration that I have found. As I grow into both artist and teacher of the arts I get satisfaction from inspiring others. By the age of 25 I had exhibited in North America and China and visited 16 countries where I sought new perspectives and expressions.

Art has the crucial role of empowering people with the confidence to become daring in experimentation, which is key when finding our true self over following the mainstream. As a specialist in Visual Art, regardless of what I am teaching I facilitate global diversity, communication in visual languages and an appreciation of the world. 

For my creative practice, I explore human interaction and identity. The public’s level of acceptance of my art (regardless of theme and medium) defines how they position and label themselves.

My website is a visual journal of my research, art and teaching methodology for teachers, parents and students. I hope that it can both inform and inspire you. Let's begin!